‘Follow your passion’ or ‘Master your craft’ — Which to choose?

…and the ‘organic approach’ that helped me transcend either of them.

  • The ‘follow your passion’ camp: this side reassures us that everything will fall into place if we lead with joy and ‘follow our bliss’ — loving what you do naturally paves the way for success and accomplishment. Simply put, the core idea is Passion -> Mastery
  • The ‘master your craft’ camp: but society is also enamoured with the idea of mastery. We’re told to stay the course and put in our ‘10,000 hours’ — not enjoying our career early on doesn’t matter, because passion emerges from years of disciplined labour. Simply put, the core idea is Mastery -> Passion

In favour of ‘follow your passion’

In favour of ‘master your craft’

The organic approach: Beyond ‘passion’ and ‘mastery’

  • Do you value the pursuit of mastery, for its own sake? If so, excelling in your chosen field will probably light you up and provide all the fulfilment in the world. Maybe that’s just how you’re geared — to push yourself and see how much you can achieve.
  • Is it more important you feel passionate from the start? For certain people this will be the right way to go, based on their values and their nature. Again, this is totally fine. It’s who you are.



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Oliver Page

Doctor turned writer & personal growth coach. Passionate about living with purpose. Newsletter: https://purposeuncaged.com/newsletter/